To start, let me introduce myself, my name is Andrea Garraway, but I go by Andie - yes, with an "ie" not "y", its just a preference without reasoning. I would personally describe myself as kind, modest, with just a bit of silly. I love the arts because they are a way of expression when words seem to fail you. I wasn't the best with my words when I was younger, and art helped me a lot.

I have a background in Fine Arts (with a Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Fine Arts, Minoring in Peace and Conflict Studies, and English from University of Waterloo), and photography. I still continue to practice in both as well. I took the Graphic Design for Print and Web at Humber College to a different style of art, a bit more techincal side of things.

I find that because of my Fine Arts background I have drawn to illustrating, just for the able to draw with more clean lines, but still keeping some whismicalness to it.


Image of Andrea 'Andie' Garraway